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If you’re interested in researching your Civil War ancestor’s story check out Ancestors In A Nation Divided – Kindle. Also in paperback. Great research help as you seek your veteran’s place in our country’s history.

We’re going to use some of our previous Civil War research and do something different. We’re going on a road trip!

Civil War, 81st Pennsylvania Infantry, Sailor's Creek Battlefield

Photo Credit: Cindy Freed

One of the many helpful sources in searching your Civil War ancestor is the unit’s regimental history. There you will learn where the regiment was formed and its years of service, its officer’s names and battles fought. A regimental history is a road map of where your ancestor journeyed during this time in our country’s history.

Let’s take for example the 81st Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. Which also happens to be the regiment my ancestor fought with. Now I know my ancestor joined 19 July 1864 and joined the 81st in November of 1864 after two months training. He mustered out of the infantry on 25 June 1865. So let’s take a look at movements of the 81st Pennsylvania during those eleven months.

My ancestor, George W. Lowery would have joined up with his regiment, the 81st at Petersburg, VA. In November 1864 Petersburg was under siege. The Army of Northern Virginia and the Army of the Potomac were entrenched around the city. Months of fighting had resulted in a multitude of deaths and eventually Grant’s army successfully cut off the Confederate’s supply lines resulting in the fall of Richmond. Without the very basics like food, Lee and the Army of Northern Virginia moved west across the state in early April 1865, pursued by Grant and Union forces, which included my g-g-grandfather.

Following this trail, outlined in the regimental history, I can now “march” along with my Civil War ancestor. I’ve made this trek twice. Once with my husband and another time with my genealogy-minded sister.

Civil War, 81st Pennsylvania, Sailor's Creek Battlefield

Photo Credit: Cindy Freed

I picked up the trail traveling west out of Petersburg to the little known Battle of White Oak Road. I’ve walked the paths there through trees and underbrush imagining troops bursting through the foliage. Making my way back to the small graveled parking lot I slipped a pine cone in my pocket. It was a physical connection for me. I was standing where my Civil War ancestor had been. Continue reading

It’s not often the likes of little ol’ me gets to do something big but I’m involved in something BIG!

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Genealogy Research on Facebook

Free genealogy resources, Genealogy research

Genealogy on Facebook, Free genealogy resources, Genealogy research

Hi friends! Thanks for stopping by. I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I help out here and there with The In Depth Genealogist’s Facebook page. I post generic genealogy questions or comments a couple times a week. Earlier this week I posted a question that dealt with my own family research.


I’m researching a tiny village near my home that had a post office from 1864 to 1870 according to a Civil War pension. No luck at the courthouse. They sent me to my local museum where I’m headed tomorrow. Do you have any suggestions for me?”


The genealogy community responded immediately. It was really cool to see the number of responses and the time folks took to research information for me. I can’t tell you how good that felt and how helpful it was! So I thought I’d share some of the comments here. Who knows maybe someday this will come in handy in your own research.


Some of my comments included: Continue reading