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GAR Personal War Sketches Mart Armstrong Post 202

GAR Personal War Sketches Mart Armstrong Post 202

Did you happen to catch the July issue of Going In-Depth? If not you’re missing out! It’s jammed full of genealogy help and information. Better yet it’s free every month!

You can take a look at it here. While you’re at it flip to page 19. That’s my article on the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR). I learned so much researching that article. The little known resources I found locally on Civil War veterans is killer.

Today I’m following up on the Personal Sketches album I referred to in the article. Here’s one page of that fabulous book written in the veteran’s own hand! We get a glimpse into what the war was like for him. What events and people he’ll never forget. It’s his story.

**I did correct the spelling when transcribing this page hoping to make it easier to read. I didn’t change punctuation.**

W. Francis Maltbie
born December 24, 1836 in Centerville, Montgomery County, Ohio

I first entered the service April 20, 1861 at Lima, Ohio. Entered as a private Co. F 20th Regiment OVI and was a private at the close of the war. I was first discharged August 18, 1861 at Columbus Ohio by reason of expiration of term of service. Reenlisted on the 30 day of August 1861was transferred from Co. B 81st OVI to Co. D 81st OVI in December 1864 and was discharged July 13, 1865 Louisville, KY by reason of expiration of term of service.

Record of Service
My first battle was Pittsburg Landing, Tenn – 2nd Corinth Miss in May and June 1862 commonly -??- the Siege of Corinth. 3d battle was the battle at Corinth October 3 and 4th 1862 – 4th Resaca Ga 5th OstaNaula – 6th Lays (Fery) Ferry – 7th Rome Cross Roads. 8Th Dallas. 9Th Kenesaw Mountain. . . 10th Atlanta July 22nd to the 27th the Siege of Atlanta 11th Jonesborrow August 31st 1864. 12th Savannah – 13 Bentonville North Carolina

Record of escapes
I was slightly bruised from a spent shell at Corinth Miss Oct 3d 1862 and another time at the Siege of Atlanta Ga I never was in a hospital and was never taking prisoner

Intimate Comrades
Sumner T Mason, Gidion Ditto, J W Tellier, Thomas A Maltbie, G W Miller, J M Nantshurr, A Fulmer, G W Dirtson

Noted Events (Battle of Pittsburg Landing, Atlanta Campaign. Shermans March
of importance (to the Sea, and through the Carolinas, and Grand Review Washington

Maltbie took the time to record his Civil War service in his GAR post’s book. It was that important to him! Only about a quarter of the members did. Continue reading

… and the winner is . . . me! For all I’ve learned in my recent project.

Civil War Veterans 1923 Lima, OH

Civil War Veterans 1923 Lima, OH

Today is my final post of the 1908 GAR Roster of Mart Armstrong Post No. 202. Way back on May 22 my goal was to remember veterans and preserve genealogical info so it wasn’t lost. My hope was that by adding the names of the men on this roster to the web that it might help another researcher. I think I’ve accomplished those goals and learned a lot in the process.

I’m happy that a researcher can type in their great-great-grandfather’s name and find he was a part of this GAR group. Info as simple as knowing he was alive and where he lived in 1908, that he was a veteran of this traumatic conflict is a great starting point in anyone’s genealogy research.

Also my Civil War research has now broadened from the soldier to the veteran and his post war life. I find learning more about how the veterans returned to civilian life, especially so many with life changing injuries, a fascinating aspect of the war.

The greatest “Aha Moment” in my transcribing is that there’s lots of genealogical info tucked away in local museums, universities, libraries and historical societies. This info is contained in a civic group’s roster like this one, in their minute books and programs which someone years ago saved and then donated to our local repositories. As genealogists we need to push away from our computers and plan field trips to these small locales. We need to talk to the director of collections. They are happy to share their holdings, ideas and information with you. These diligent searches really do produce big rewards!

So in closing here is the final page in the Mart Armstrong Post No. 202 GAR roster:

In Memoriam Roster - 1908 GAR Roster Mart Armstrong Post No. 202

In Memoriam Roster – 1908 GAR Roster Mart Armstrong Post No. 202

In Memoriam – Continued

Swan, Nelson Co. E 195 OVI 1903
Sours, Daniel Co. I 27 OVI 1892
Shaw, Thomas S. Co. D 81 OVI 1906
Thrift, R. W. Surgeon 49 OVI 1893
Tracy, Peter Co. B 81 OVI 1904
Tyler, Jas. V. U. S. Marines 1899
Vannatta, John Co. B 1st OVI 1888
Van Norman, J. H. Co. H 111 OVI 1902
Wise, George S. Co. H 74 OVI 1903
Wetherill, Alexander Co. B 118 OVI 1898
Watson, Benj. Co. I 42 OVI 1904
Ward, J. Duke Co. E 81 OVI 1905
Whitney, Henry F. Co. C 94 OVI 1900
Workman, Hammett Co. E 83 OVI 1904
Wetherill, W. P. Co. A 118 OVI 1904
Waggoner, R. W. Co. E 151 OVI 1908
Woolery, W. T. Co. H 11 OVI 1908
Zurmehly, Jno. W. Co. E 180 OVI 1902

1908 GAR Roster Mart Armstrong Post No. 202

1908 GAR Roster Mart Armstrong Post No. 202

What is the definition of a hero?

Civil War Veterans 1923 Lima, OH

Civil War Veterans 1923 Lima, OH

As I finish up transcribing this 1908 Mart Armstrong Post No. 202 GAR roster I’m surprised at how fond I’ve become of these men. Thrust into what has become a central point in U.S. history they certainly rose to the occasion and I’m sure they never felt they did more than what any other person would do in the same circumstance. We use the word hero often today and rightly so. One of the definitions of the word “hero” is a person who is admired for courage or noble qualities.  So I think it is appropriate to call these Civil War veterans – heroes.

In Memoriam Roster - 1908 GAR Roster Mart Armstrong Post No. 202

In Memoriam Roster – 1908 GAR Roster Mart Armstrong Post No. 202

In Memoriam – Continued

Hardesty, A. F. 151 OVI 1906

Johns, Elias H. Co. B 18th U. S. Inft 1905

Johnson, Thomas Co. E 3rd OVI 1903

Jennings, Thos. Co. E 151 OVI 1902

Jennings, Allen B. Co. E 151 ONG 1902

Keller, C. F. Co. I 179 OVI 1898

Karns, Joseph H. Co. C 3rd Md. V. I. 1898

Lippencott, Henry Co. B 192 OVI 1892

Laurence, Peter A Co. E 82 OVI 1888

Lamison, Chas. N. Co. F 20 OVI 1896

Langan, Oliver S. Co. A 15 OVI 1887

Maguire, E. J. Co. F 4th O. V. Cav. 1902

Myers, G. W. Co. K 61 OVI 1895

Murphy, Andrew J. Co. G O. H. Art. 1904

Morris, Joseph Co. G 23 Ky V. I. 1903

Miller, F. L. Co. B 151 OVI 1896

Mell, James Co. C 151 OVI 1899

Miller, Edward Co. A 88 Pa. V. I. 1899

Mathews, J. D. Co. D 135 OVI 1905

Moore, J. B. Co. A 34 N. Y. V. I. 1898

Mell, A. J. Co. D 118 OVI 1907

Moon, F. M. Co. F 88 OVI 1907

Moulton, B. M. Co. E 117 N. Y. V. I. 1907

Malone, Francis M. Co. K 3rd Wis. V. I. 1908

Myers, Jackson Co. D 90 OVI 1907

McBeth, James Co. E 55 OVI 1896

McFarland, A. J. Co. E 55 OVI 1907

Overmyer, G. W. Co. G 81 OVI 1887

Pockmire, W. H. Co. A 8 OVI 1888

Porter, Wm. L. Co. B 150 OVI 1896

Patterson, J. H. Co. A 46 OVI 1907

Peltier, John W. Co. B 81 OVI 1907

Reichelderfer, Levi Co. C 96 OVI 1898

Roney, W. J. Co. G 156 OVI 1897

Rice, Richard Co. B 195 OVI 1894

Rex, Daniel Co. F 13 OVI 1898

Reed, Flihu Co. C 192 OVI 1906

Standish, Wallace Co. B 81 OVI 1902

Shull, Joseph Band, 81 OVI 1888

Standish, W. H. Co. F 20 OVI 1904

Seeds, Perry Co. C 191 OVI 1890

1908 GAR Roster Mart Armstrong Post No. 202

1908 GAR Roster Mart Armstrong Post No. 202


Now the final three!

As I finish transcribing this GAR roster I’m down to the last three pages. These pages are as valuable as any in genealogy research. They are “In Memory” pages of past post members.  What’s really nice about the list is the veteran’s name, regiment and year of death are given. Good genealogy info.

Some of the names I recognize – city streets were named after Baxter and Brice. Others I have come across before in my local Civil War research. So as inch closer to the end of the roster for the Mart Armstrong GAR Post No. 202 here are the names of those men who had passed away by 1908.

Roster - 1908 GAR Roster Mart Armstrong Post No. 202

In Memoriam Roster – 1908 GAR Roster Mart Armstrong Post No. 202

In Memoriam

Ashton, John R. Co. I 118 OVI 1897

Auspaugh, James Co. F 9 OVI 1900

Adgate, C. H. Co. D 54 OVI 1908

Black, John Wesley Co. I 27 OVI 1905

Boysel, Lewis Co. B 114 OVI 1905

Brice, Calvin S. Co. A 180 OVI 1898

Boop, Wm. H. Co. F 33 OVI 1903

Bayes, Isaiah Co. H 14 OVI 1901

Brewer, W.H. Co. H 16 OVI 1898

Brasley, Antony Co. E 198 OVI 1899

Bakehorn, W. H. Co. H 32 OVI 1904

Baxter, Samuel A. Surgeon 18 OVI 1908

Brown, J. W. Co. G 192 OVI 1906

Bodine, F. E. Co. E 117 N.Y.V.I. 1907

Crabb, Joel B. — 3d U.S. Inft 1900

Curtis, C. L. Co. F 4th OV Cav 1895

Coon, Tobias P. Co. A 118 OVI 1888

Coon, Isaac Co. A 118 OVI 1901

Crooks, Josiah F. Co. H 98 OVI 1890

Coss, C. D. Co. B 81 OVI 1901

Counsellor, J. O. Co. C 88 OVI 1890

Church, Jas. P. Co. F 4th OV Cav 1901

Conrad, John J. Band 81 OVI 1906

Campbell, Frank T. Co. B 4 IowaV.I. 1907

Cowles, Charles Co. G 45 OVI 1908

Ditto, Gideon, Co. F 20 OVI 1887

Dickerson, Thomas Co. H 69 OVI 1889

Durnbaugh, H. A. Band 7 Pa R. V. C. I. 1905

Dildine, A. M. Co. E 49 OVI 1907

Everett, Jonathan, L. Co. C 192 OVI 1894

Franklin, Benj. F. Co. B 81 OVI 1898

Faulkner, S. W. Hickenlooper’s Battery 1888

Fichthorn, Jno. A. Co. D 110 OVI 1893

Fritz, D. E. Co. G 81 OVI 1906

Gates, W. W. Co. G 2d Mich. Cav. 1897

Graves, W. T. Co. D 16 Ind. V. Cav. 1902

Grove, James Co. F 81 OVI 1897

Ginter, H. D. Co. E 21 OVI 1893

Hughes, J. L. Co. H 81 OVI 1904

Heckerman, Henry C. Co. D 131 OVI 1895

Hughes, Chas. M. Co. A 20 OVI 1902

1908 GAR Roster Mart Armstrong Post No. 202

1908 GAR Roster Mart Armstrong Post No. 202

What’s a Post Without Commanders?

In my continuing saga of transcribing a local GAR Roster from 1908 I have a few more pages yet to finish. You thought I was done didn’t you!

Today’s page is the Past Post Commanders. Some names I haven’t seen before so obviously they have passed on by the time this roster is printed in 1908. Without further research I see this post was started in 1882 or close to it with Owen Francis listed as Commander.

After working with this booklet for a week or so I have developed a bond with this GAR post and other research doors are opening. My friend and fellow genealogist Debbie Carder Mayes told me about a GAR Minute Book in our local museum library. I can’t wait to take a look at it! I’ve also been given access to some papers belonging to the Women’s Relief Corps (WRC). They were the auxiliary to the Grand Army of the Republic. Wait until I delve into that! It’s fascinating where our genealogy research take us isn’t it?

Roster - 1908 GAR Roster Mart Armstrong Post No. 202

Past Commanders

Past Commanders

Owen Francis    1882-1889
Gideon Ditto    1883
H. H. Herman    1884
T. W. Dobbins    1885
Jno. W. Crum    1886
W. H. Pockmire    1887
B. M. Moulton    1888-1889-1903
E. F. Davis    1890
W. H. Standish    1891
J. S. Karns    1892-1893
Converse Mayo    1894-1895
Chas. Vogel    1896-1897
H. G. Crum    1898
George Hall    1900-1901
W. H. Lowes    1902
A. M. Dildine    1904-1905
G. E. Copeland    1906

1908 GAR Roster Mart Armstrong Post No. 202

1908 GAR Roster Mart Armstrong Post No. 202