Have you seen my Great Grandfather’s cane?

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George S Marshall

I was searching through a closet today and came across my great-grandfather’s cane. It’s odd that I don’t remember how I got the cane. I’m sure my mom gave it to me. It belonged to her grandfather but I don’t remember how it actually came to be mine. Weird. I’m usually very good at that stuff. My great-grandfather, the owner of this cane, George S Marshall is somewhat of an enigma to me. I know very little about him but here’s a little of what I do know.

George was born in 1868 in Allen County, Ohio. He married my great-grandmother Mary Ellen Williams in 1891. They had three children, my grandmother Gladys was the oldest and they lived on a farm that’s only about 20 minutes from me today.

By all accounts life seemed good for the family. They had three children, were farmers and prospered. I have a couple of pictures of George and Mary Ellen in front of their house and on the farm. It was a happy life until 1908 when my great-grandmother died. Consumption was the cause listed on Mary Ellen’s death certificate. It may as well read “Tragic Ending” because George suddenly became a single father of two teenage girls and a small son. Continue reading