Civil War Quick Tip for your Indiana Ancestor

FBGenCircleLogo1Here’s a great resource for researching your Indiana Civil War veteran.

This site, Civil War Indiana, lists numerous helps for researching your ancestor. Everything from Researching an Indiana Soldier to Indiana men on the Sultana. If your Civil War ancestor served in an Indiana regiment you’ll want to check this out.

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My Top 5 Resources for Researching your Civil War ancestor – All Online and All Free

Civil War Reenactors

Civil War Reenactors

Whether you’ve been swept up in the recent 150th anniversary commemoration of Gettysburg or watched Kelly Clarkson’s episode of Who Do You Think You Are? tracking down your Civil War ancestor and where he fought maybe something you’re interested in. If so here are some resources to get you started.


First check your family tree for men who were born between 1820 and 1843. That’s approximately the time frame of a Civil War soldier’s birth. Then check the 1860 census for the state in which he lived. My research hung up on that fact at first. I thought my ancestor fought with an Ohio regiment only to find the family was still living in Pennsylvania during the 1860′s and so he fought with the 81st Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry.


Now armed with a name and place he was living check my top five suggestions to start your research.


Soldiers and Sailors Database
Provided by the National Park System this no cost resource has compiled 6.3 million names of soldiers and sailors, both Union and Confederate, their rank and the regiment they served. If you have the time to linger this site is filled with scads of information pertaining to the Civil War.


Regimental History – Now that you know the name of the regiment your ancestor served with research that regiment on your favorite search engine. You will find numerous resources from websites to blogs, to books that will detail the formation of the regiment, where they served, which battles they were involved in, their casualty numbers and where they mustered out. There were approximately 3,000 regiments, formed during the war, from both north and south. 2,000 of those regiments have a book written about their service. Some books you will find written by the soldiers after the war, many more by scholars who have studied a particular regiment. By learning your ancestor’s regiment’s history you’ll get the specifics of where and how he served. Continue reading

… and the winner is . . . me! For all I’ve learned in my recent project.

Civil War Veterans 1923 Lima, OH

Civil War Veterans 1923 Lima, OH

Today is my final post of the 1908 GAR Roster of Mart Armstrong Post No. 202. Way back on May 22 my goal was to remember veterans and preserve genealogical info so it wasn’t lost. My hope was that by adding the names of the men on this roster to the web that it might help another researcher. I think I’ve accomplished those goals and learned a lot in the process.

I’m happy that a researcher can type in their great-great-grandfather’s name and find he was a part of this GAR group. Info as simple as knowing he was alive and where he lived in 1908, that he was a veteran of this traumatic conflict is a great starting point in anyone’s genealogy research.

Also my Civil War research has now broadened from the soldier to the veteran and his post war life. I find learning more about how the veterans returned to civilian life, especially so many with life changing injuries, a fascinating aspect of the war.

The greatest “Aha Moment” in my transcribing is that there’s lots of genealogical info tucked away in local museums, universities, libraries and historical societies. This info is contained in a civic group’s roster like this one, in their minute books and programs which someone years ago saved and then donated to our local repositories. As genealogists we need to push away from our computers and plan field trips to these small locales. We need to talk to the director of collections. They are happy to share their holdings, ideas and information with you. These diligent searches really do produce big rewards!

So in closing here is the final page in the Mart Armstrong Post No. 202 GAR roster:

In Memoriam Roster - 1908 GAR Roster Mart Armstrong Post No. 202

In Memoriam Roster – 1908 GAR Roster Mart Armstrong Post No. 202

In Memoriam – Continued

Swan, Nelson Co. E 195 OVI 1903
Sours, Daniel Co. I 27 OVI 1892
Shaw, Thomas S. Co. D 81 OVI 1906
Thrift, R. W. Surgeon 49 OVI 1893
Tracy, Peter Co. B 81 OVI 1904
Tyler, Jas. V. U. S. Marines 1899
Vannatta, John Co. B 1st OVI 1888
Van Norman, J. H. Co. H 111 OVI 1902
Wise, George S. Co. H 74 OVI 1903
Wetherill, Alexander Co. B 118 OVI 1898
Watson, Benj. Co. I 42 OVI 1904
Ward, J. Duke Co. E 81 OVI 1905
Whitney, Henry F. Co. C 94 OVI 1900
Workman, Hammett Co. E 83 OVI 1904
Wetherill, W. P. Co. A 118 OVI 1904
Waggoner, R. W. Co. E 151 OVI 1908
Woolery, W. T. Co. H 11 OVI 1908
Zurmehly, Jno. W. Co. E 180 OVI 1902

1908 GAR Roster Mart Armstrong Post No. 202

1908 GAR Roster Mart Armstrong Post No. 202