Crafting Genealogy with Family Pics

Crafting Genealogy

Our supplies

We’re Crafting Genealogy with a project anyone can do. It’s simple, it’s fun and brings genealogy into our everyday lives.


I’ll bet you’ve seen these Family Picture Magnets on the internet and thought that’s cool. Well let’s make them today!


You’ll need:


• Copies of family pics. Choose whether you’re going all out vintage or more recent history. (I chose vintage. The more vintage the better in my book!)


• Larger size clear gems or flat sided marbles.


• Glue – just make sure it dries clear. I used Mod Podge because that’s what I have but there’s all sorts of brands that dry clear.


• Small round magnets


After selecting your pics you can use your gem to trace a circle around the face or whatever you are highlighting and then cut it out slightly smaller than your gem.


Don’t worry if it’s not a perfect circle. The gem will hide any unevenness.


I happen to have a 1 inch circle punch so that made this part even easier.


Once you have your pics cut out put a small drop of glue on the flat side of your marble and swish it around to cover. Use your finger, you don’t need a brush, Q-tip or anything like that.


Now put your gem on the front of the pic. Be sure to center your pic and let dry. Using less glue will allow your magnet to dry quicker and clearer.

Family Picture Magnets

Family Picture Magnets – I’ll improve on my picture taking skills


Once dry just add a magnet with a dab of glue to the back.



*Additional tips. I get all my copies of family photos from Walgreen. I wait until they have a 10 cent a print special and then do a bunch. I’m sure nearly every retailer that prints photos has similar specials.


* I chose my parents and both sets of grandparents for my magnets but you might also choose the old home place, childhood pet or even decorative paper.


* You can get the gems at any craft store. I’ve seen small packages of them at the Dollar Store.


* I also made a slightly different version of these magnets with bottle caps. I bought the caps at Hobby Lobby (with a 40% off coupon).


Crafting Genealogy

Bulletin Board Push Pins

* Add a thumb tack instead of a magnet to the back of the bottle caps. They’ll look neat on a bulletin board too.


I’ve found when Crafting Genealogy, my children both teen and adult, who have no interest in family history will ask who are in the pics. This gives me a chance to share a bit of our family history and I hope plant some genealogy seeds in them for the future.


If you make these Family Picture Magnets or a variation of them send me a pic or two. I’ll share them in a future post for ideas and inspiration.


In the mean time have fun Crafting Genealogy!