Genealogy Circle is an online journal detailing my continued research of known and unknown ancestors. I post photos and stories I have accumulated from my relatives as well as my experiences as I research. My posts are a mix of words, photos and quirks!

  • My hope with this research is to find my ancestors, record their lives as “real” people, and not just write them down as a bunch of names on papers and charts, then stuffed away in a file. I hope one day to “publish” my findings whether it’s on paper or the internet, in a way my kids will read.
  • I would also like to make connections with fellow gena-bloggers and “distant cousins” through my blog. Learning and sharing genealogy via the world-wide web has become more than a hobby, it’s bordering on obsession!
  • I’ve also found a niche. I love researching Civil War veterans. It started with my own Civil War ancestor and documenting his war experience. I have researched other Civil War veterans on my own – simply to record their story so their importance to our country’s history is not lost. If you’re interested in help researching your Civil War veteran’s military service I can help.

If there’s any chance branches of your family tree crosses mine, please email me. I’m more than happy to share and exchange information! Just shoot me a note at cindy@genealogycircle.com


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  1. Hi Cindy,

    Thanks for posting all the great Civil War related research tips! I’ve added the links to my long list of research goals for this year.

    One of the my relatives, William H. Hursh, served in the 150th Pennsylvania Infantry and was part of the company that guarded President Lincoln at the Summer White House in 1862. According to what I’ve read he actually got to know Mrs. Lincoln and their son Willie during their brief assignment (few weeks).

    I still have a lot of research to do, but your links and advice will be quite helpful.

    Take care,

    • Frank ~ Thank you for stopping by my blog, your kind words and comment. I appreciate it very much!
      What a fascinating story! Wow! My g-g-grandfather served with the 81st Pennsylvania and I have very little personal info on him. Have you done a blog post on this? I’d love to read it!
      Good luck on your research! I think we all have a lot of research yet to do don’t we? (LOL!!) and hopefully we’ll have some great finds!

    • Hi Cindy,

      My g g grandfather, Jeremiah Quill, also served in the 81st Co. Pennsylvania Vol, Co. F as a wagoner. I sent for his CW pension file. Much of the file is about his injuries and life after the CW.


      • Susan,
        How wonderful our great-great grandfathers served together! Mine served near the end of the war July 1864 to June 1865. When did Jeremiah serve? If he served the same time my great-great grandfather did I wonder if you have any stories or general info about the 81st that would shed light on their life during that time? I’ll reread my pension files for hints or clues to Jeremiah as well! Thanks for your comment!

    • George – Thanks for your comment! I agree with your statement “If we have ancestors who were in the US 100 years ago we ARE connected.” I also read about your Civil War ancestor. Wow! He had a storied experience! Have you written about it somewhere? I’d love to read more!

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