MeThanks for stopping by Genealogy Circle. I’m Cindy Freed, the family story enthusiast here. I LOVE potato chips, the Cincinnati Reds, shabby chic stuff and researching my family’s history. There’s something in me that wants to touch my long gone ancestors. I can’t explain it but it’s there. I need to know them, what they liked and didn’t like. I need to see them, how they dressed and ate and lived. Since I can’t leap back a century or even a few decades I learn about them and their lives through research, lots and lots of research. You know what? I’d be the first to sign up for a time-travel experience. Just punch in 1860 please! Then onto 1890 with a stop in the 1920s too! Oh yeah . . . .

Now I sort of stumbled into Civil War research. It really started when my husband and I made a side stop in Gettysburg, PA. while on my birthday vacation. He called it the “Cindy World Tour” and Gettysburg was a last minute addition. As we toured the battlefield it bowled me over. The emotion I felt as I stood on Cemetery Ridge and envisioned Pickett’s Charge unfolding before me was indescribable. Chills ran up my arms. I nearly cried. I was hooked!

I needed to know more about the Civil War and the guys who fought it. I’ve researched many soldiers and the war for the past six years. I’ve found my first cousins 4x removed, brothers James and George Van Meter have the best stories! Their lives were filled with marriage, divorce, illness, death. A real soap opera in the mid 1860s! Their stories were lost to history but not any longer because I unearthed them through research and have written about them on my blog. That’s a real source of pleasure for me – knowing Civil War soldiers and their fight haven’t slipped through the pages of time. They’re still very real, written and spoken about here at Genealogy Circle.

Right now I write a monthly Civil War research column for The In-Depth Genealogist called, “Tracing Blue and Gray. I also write for the “4th Ohio, First Call”. It’s the quarterly magazine for the 4th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry Descendants Association. That’s beside my twice a week blog posts here on Genealogy Circle. As I research I write about my finds here on the blog. I hope the tips will help you in your genealogy research.

I’m doing some speaking now. My presentation, “Researching Your Civil War Ancestor – From Beginning to End ” is popular with genealogy societies.

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I’m also a social butterfly! I love twitter! Follow me @Genealogycircle, or Facebook, on Google+, and Pinterest. Let’s talk! You can always email me at cindy@genealogycircledotcom. Now that you’ve heard all about me tell me something about yourself!