Looking At This Week’s Civil War Quick Tip

The Civil War In Color

The Civil War In Color by John C. Guntzelman

We’ve all seen the colorized versions of historic photos. Suddenly an era in history we thought of as only black and white bursts upon our visual senses. Now we can see every day life wasn’t lived in drab colorless shades of gray or sepia. Photo colorization turns varying shades of dull into green grass, blue eyes and flesh tones.

The Civil War In Color by John C. Guntzelman

The Civil War In Color by John C. Guntzelman

A recent book with easily recognizable Civil War photographs now in bright, vibrant color is John C. Guntzelman’s The Civil War in Color. Whether you purchase the book or borrow it from your local library I suggest you take an opportunity to look through the photos one by one. These soldiers and these events of history spring to life and suddenly become factual in our minds through color. No longer do these pics represent distant somber history but real lives, real people who lived and were lost on a battlefield.

The Civil War In Color by John C. Guntzelman

The Civil War In Color by John C. Guntzelman

I was really moved by the “realness” of these pics. They truly came to life for me. I think they’ll do the same for you.

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2 thoughts on “Looking At This Week’s Civil War Quick Tip

  1. I agree, the black and grey photos of the 19th century seem to put a distance between the viewer and the subject. it’s amazing what a difference the colour photos on your post make!

    • I agree whole-heartedly! I’m amazed how the people seem so very real with flesh tones and colorful clothes. For me colorizing 19th century photos opened a new understanding, a way of connecting with people from 150 years ago. Thanks so much Frances for reading this post and commenting!

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