Isaac Williams #52Ancestors

Isaac Williams

Isaac Williams

I’m behind on my #52 Ancestors posts by a couple weeks! But that doesn’t make this week’s ancestor any less important. I’m writing about my great great grandfather Isaac Williams.

Isaac was born 16 Nov 1830 in Fairfield Twp, Tuscarawas County, OH to Silas and Sarah Lappin Williams. He was the seventh of their eleven children. (Silas did have a twelfth child from a second marriage after Sarah passed.)

Isaac married Rebecca Holmes on 25 Aug 1853 in Tuscarawas, County, OH. He was a lifelong farmer.

After having lost two infant sons, the Williams family decided to move to Allen County, OH in 1863. Along with two daughters and a son, scads and scads of extended family accompanied the family on the move. 

Once in northwestern Ohio, Isaac settled his family in Monroe Township and continued farming. Unfortunately as a young father Isaac suffered even more loss when the son that moved with the family died and so did another son that was born after the move. Isaac’s last child, a daughter Mary Ellen born in 1871, was my great grandmother.

Now as far as I can tell, despite the terrible loss of four sons, Isaac lived a pretty good life. But I am curious about one thing. Isaac was born in 1830. He was a good candidate to fight in the Civil War yet didn’t. I have found absolutely no record of him serving in the war at all. I know the big family move was in the early 1860s. Are the two events, the war and the move, related? I’m not upset Isaac didn’t serve. A safe and alive Isaac produces me 120 years later! But I do wonder why he didn’t serve . . .

Isaac Williams died 20 Apr 1901 in Monroe Twp, Allen County, OH. He was 70 years old. I’m proud to share him with you this week as my #52 Ancestor.

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