Everyone Has an Agenda What’s Yours?

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October snuck into our lives this week. With warm temps and sunny skies it’s more like the end of August than the first fews days of fall here in Ohio, but there’s no mistaking autumn has arrived. Leaves are changing colors and the evenings are decidedly cooler. My flowers are looking a bit ragged and will soon be plucked out of their beds with the first frost. Even though it’s very warm out now autumn is in the air.

Am I sad to see summer wane? Oh no. Now don’t get me wrong I love sunny summer days with baseball games and barbeques. Summer has a delicious casualness we all love to embrace from the clothes we wear to the food we eat. It’s truly a reenergizing time of year and probably needed with winter soon on the horizon again. For me summer seems to extend through September and that’s okay. Squeezing out those last few moments of sunshine and flip flops is invigorating, but once I turn the calendar’s page to October I don’t mind what fall brings.

October is “get back to your genealogy research” month. Summer is a hiatus from research with so many other events going on. Lots of reading and fact finding gets put on the back burner but once October bursts on the scene I’m thinking cemetery and courthouse visits with to do lists and field trips. In fact October is sort of a “new year” for me genealogy-wise. I take stock of what I’ve accomplished and where I want to go with my research. (2x grandfather James Nance you’re at the top of my list. I’m looking for you!)

Ironically I didn’t realize October was Family History month until I saw several messages about it on Facebook. Here I’ve been celebrating it every October in my own way. So to all of us family historians and genealogists Happy Family History month! Happy October! May the genealogy gods smile down on us as we ramp up our research!

I’m making out my genealogy to-do list for this fall. How about you? What’s on your genealogy agenda? Please share your thoughts in the comments. You may just give us all some inspiration!

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6 thoughts on “Everyone Has an Agenda What’s Yours?

  1. Happy October and Family History Month to you as well Cindy! We’ve had just the most amazing summer and fall here in NY but I too am seeing the season’s end in my garden. October for me is about mapping out my genealogy goals. What do I still need to finish my portfolio? What’s holding up a final conslusion on so & so? What new approach can I try to resolve such & such? And scanning, lots and lots of scanning before I pack my pictures up for a move.

    • Rorey,
      Thanks for stopping by and your comment. I hope your move has gone well and you’re getting settled in. Good luck with everything!

  2. October is always a good research month for me, too. I think it’s the combination of Family History Month and the slower schedule. We are inside at night instead of out in the yard which lends itself to sitting with the laptop on FamilySearch while everyone watches television. I also tend to update information and add to the family story because everyone will be interested once the holiday gatherings come. I guess October really is the perfect month for family history. :)

    • Steph – Thanks for stopping by and your comment. I hope you’ve had more time to research now that we’re really into shorter cooler days! I must say where in the world did the last six weeks go! Oh well we get research in when we can right? Thanks!

  3. Lovely thoughts….

    I am, it seems closely related to a family in Chillicothe, Peoria, Illinois… the struggle is to confirm it ..the joy is the spread as I live in Manchester UK and only one of my ancestors has emigrated and she married a Cuban gentleman ….the struggle goes on loololol.

    • Mel ~ Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! I think perseverance should be the family historians middle name! :) Good luck in your research!

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