Crafting Genealogy

A few years back I used to be a crafty girl. I loved doing all kinds of crafts but mostly paper stuff like book making and journals. The only problem (at least in my head) was that I loved vintage. Now vintage was popular for awhile and I couldn’t get enough of vintage papers, pictures and ephemera but like everything else it’s popularity fell off. While I was still doing vintage crafts everyone else started doing beautiful contemporary crafts with citrus colors, etc. Great stuff just not my style.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Who cares? Do what you enjoy. Unfortunately I wasn’t quite there yet so I quit my crafting and pursued my genealogy research with a vengeance. I’ve enjoyed every minute of my genealogy blogging, writing and research. I still do but found I miss my crafting more and more. Then I had an “AHA” moment.

The vintage crafting that I loved fit in exactly with my genealogy. (I know you’re saying “Duh” but it was a surprise to me!!) Why can’t I merge the two into Crafting Genealogy? Well I can and so Crafting Genealogy has been born. On occasion I’ll share whatever project I’m working on. It will be a mix of my own family pics, vintage papers, ideas and inspiration I’ve gotten from Pinterest.

My hope is to satisfy my crafty need to create using genealogy as the backdrop. Then maybe my kids will ask questions about our family history as I’m crafting and maybe some seeds will be sewn for future genealogists!

Just look for my Crafting Genealogy in the menu bar. It’ll be fun!

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3 thoughts on “Crafting Genealogy

  1. Hi, Cindy! I remembered there were some posts by you on my super-clogged email. So I found this latest. (Feedly is so much easier, unfortunately, than email. I think it takes anything that starts with only http:// but not the http://www. links. Go figure.)

    I admire your energetic effort to mesh crafting with genealogy. I know that will be fun to do, and to see. Alas, I am a hopelessly clumsy crafter, and Pinterest leaves me in the dust. But I do like to look at the work of others. Now I’m going to check your Crafting Genealogy link. And look for more of your posts.

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