What is the definition of a hero?

Civil War Veterans 1923 Lima, OH

Civil War Veterans 1923 Lima, OH

As I finish up transcribing this 1908 Mart Armstrong Post No. 202 GAR roster I’m surprised at how fond I’ve become of these men. Thrust into what has become a central point in U.S. history they certainly rose to the occasion and I’m sure they never felt they did more than what any other person would do in the same circumstance. We use the word hero often today and rightly so. One of the definitions of the word “hero” is a person who is admired for courage or noble qualities.  So I think it is appropriate to call these Civil War veterans – heroes.

In Memoriam Roster - 1908 GAR Roster Mart Armstrong Post No. 202

In Memoriam Roster – 1908 GAR Roster Mart Armstrong Post No. 202

In Memoriam – Continued

Hardesty, A. F. 151 OVI 1906

Johns, Elias H. Co. B 18th U. S. Inft 1905

Johnson, Thomas Co. E 3rd OVI 1903

Jennings, Thos. Co. E 151 OVI 1902

Jennings, Allen B. Co. E 151 ONG 1902

Keller, C. F. Co. I 179 OVI 1898

Karns, Joseph H. Co. C 3rd Md. V. I. 1898

Lippencott, Henry Co. B 192 OVI 1892

Laurence, Peter A Co. E 82 OVI 1888

Lamison, Chas. N. Co. F 20 OVI 1896

Langan, Oliver S. Co. A 15 OVI 1887

Maguire, E. J. Co. F 4th O. V. Cav. 1902

Myers, G. W. Co. K 61 OVI 1895

Murphy, Andrew J. Co. G O. H. Art. 1904

Morris, Joseph Co. G 23 Ky V. I. 1903

Miller, F. L. Co. B 151 OVI 1896

Mell, James Co. C 151 OVI 1899

Miller, Edward Co. A 88 Pa. V. I. 1899

Mathews, J. D. Co. D 135 OVI 1905

Moore, J. B. Co. A 34 N. Y. V. I. 1898

Mell, A. J. Co. D 118 OVI 1907

Moon, F. M. Co. F 88 OVI 1907

Moulton, B. M. Co. E 117 N. Y. V. I. 1907

Malone, Francis M. Co. K 3rd Wis. V. I. 1908

Myers, Jackson Co. D 90 OVI 1907

McBeth, James Co. E 55 OVI 1896

McFarland, A. J. Co. E 55 OVI 1907

Overmyer, G. W. Co. G 81 OVI 1887

Pockmire, W. H. Co. A 8 OVI 1888

Porter, Wm. L. Co. B 150 OVI 1896

Patterson, J. H. Co. A 46 OVI 1907

Peltier, John W. Co. B 81 OVI 1907

Reichelderfer, Levi Co. C 96 OVI 1898

Roney, W. J. Co. G 156 OVI 1897

Rice, Richard Co. B 195 OVI 1894

Rex, Daniel Co. F 13 OVI 1898

Reed, Flihu Co. C 192 OVI 1906

Standish, Wallace Co. B 81 OVI 1902

Shull, Joseph Band, 81 OVI 1888

Standish, W. H. Co. F 20 OVI 1904

Seeds, Perry Co. C 191 OVI 1890

1908 GAR Roster Mart Armstrong Post No. 202

1908 GAR Roster Mart Armstrong Post No. 202


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