Now the final three!

As I finish transcribing this GAR roster I’m down to the last three pages. These pages are as valuable as any in genealogy research. They are “In Memory” pages of past post members.  What’s really nice about the list is the veteran’s name, regiment and year of death are given. Good genealogy info.

Some of the names I recognize – city streets were named after Baxter and Brice. Others I have come across before in my local Civil War research. So as inch closer to the end of the roster for the Mart Armstrong GAR Post No. 202 here are the names of those men who had passed away by 1908.

Roster - 1908 GAR Roster Mart Armstrong Post No. 202

In Memoriam Roster – 1908 GAR Roster Mart Armstrong Post No. 202

In Memoriam

Ashton, John R. Co. I 118 OVI 1897

Auspaugh, James Co. F 9 OVI 1900

Adgate, C. H. Co. D 54 OVI 1908

Black, John Wesley Co. I 27 OVI 1905

Boysel, Lewis Co. B 114 OVI 1905

Brice, Calvin S. Co. A 180 OVI 1898

Boop, Wm. H. Co. F 33 OVI 1903

Bayes, Isaiah Co. H 14 OVI 1901

Brewer, W.H. Co. H 16 OVI 1898

Brasley, Antony Co. E 198 OVI 1899

Bakehorn, W. H. Co. H 32 OVI 1904

Baxter, Samuel A. Surgeon 18 OVI 1908

Brown, J. W. Co. G 192 OVI 1906

Bodine, F. E. Co. E 117 N.Y.V.I. 1907

Crabb, Joel B. — 3d U.S. Inft 1900

Curtis, C. L. Co. F 4th OV Cav 1895

Coon, Tobias P. Co. A 118 OVI 1888

Coon, Isaac Co. A 118 OVI 1901

Crooks, Josiah F. Co. H 98 OVI 1890

Coss, C. D. Co. B 81 OVI 1901

Counsellor, J. O. Co. C 88 OVI 1890

Church, Jas. P. Co. F 4th OV Cav 1901

Conrad, John J. Band 81 OVI 1906

Campbell, Frank T. Co. B 4 IowaV.I. 1907

Cowles, Charles Co. G 45 OVI 1908

Ditto, Gideon, Co. F 20 OVI 1887

Dickerson, Thomas Co. H 69 OVI 1889

Durnbaugh, H. A. Band 7 Pa R. V. C. I. 1905

Dildine, A. M. Co. E 49 OVI 1907

Everett, Jonathan, L. Co. C 192 OVI 1894

Franklin, Benj. F. Co. B 81 OVI 1898

Faulkner, S. W. Hickenlooper’s Battery 1888

Fichthorn, Jno. A. Co. D 110 OVI 1893

Fritz, D. E. Co. G 81 OVI 1906

Gates, W. W. Co. G 2d Mich. Cav. 1897

Graves, W. T. Co. D 16 Ind. V. Cav. 1902

Grove, James Co. F 81 OVI 1897

Ginter, H. D. Co. E 21 OVI 1893

Hughes, J. L. Co. H 81 OVI 1904

Heckerman, Henry C. Co. D 131 OVI 1895

Hughes, Chas. M. Co. A 20 OVI 1902

1908 GAR Roster Mart Armstrong Post No. 202

1908 GAR Roster Mart Armstrong Post No. 202

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  1. Cindy, this is an amazing resource. Are there many rosters like this one available out there, or is Ohio (or Lima) unusual in this regard? And if I may ask an ignorant question, what does GAR stand for? This must be a time-consuming task, transcribing this roster!

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