There’s Lots of Genealogy Information in Obscure Places. We just need to search for it!

Woodlawn Cemetery, Lima OH, Graves Union Civil War SoldiersIf you’ve been following along you know Iā€™m transcribing a local GAR Roster from 1908. Let me tell you I’ve found this to be more of a learning experience for me – than me trying to help others research their Civil War ancestor. First off I have a renewed appreciation for the service of these veterans. Second – There’s lots of genealogy information in obscure places. We just need to search for it! Finally there’s a story, a life story behind every name.

Here are some more men from the Mart Armstrong GAR Post No. 202.

Roster - 1908 GAR Roster Mart Armstrong Post No. 202

Roster – 1908 GAR Roster Mart Armstrong Post No. 202

Roster ā€“ Continued

Ream, Daniel A. – Co. I 34 OVI
Roberts, Wm. W. – Co. F 151 OVI
Ross, J. C. – Co. A 102 Pa. V. I.
Reeves, Henry S. – Co. D O. V. Cav.
Roush, Theodore – Co. F 1st O. H. Art.
Riggles, F. A. – Co. D 118 OVI
Randall, Ed. D. – Co. G 81 OVI
Rork, F. J. – Co. B 138 OVI
Reitnour, H. M. – Co. E 168 Pa. V. I.
Roberts, Wm. G. – Co. F 102 U.S. Col. Troops
Reynolds, David R. – Co. B 99 OVI
Russell, W. H. – Co. H 81 OVI
Rayhouser, N. C. A. – Co. H 42 Ind. Inf.
Ream, John A. – Co. I 34 OVI
Roush, Philip – Co. A 20 OVI
Roush, Cornelius – Co. F O.H.A.
Rathburn, William – Co. B 192 OVI
Robinson, Wm. H. – Co. F 5 U.S. Cav.
Shaw, N.E. – Co. E 26 OVI
Sherman, Aaron – Co. I 46 OVI
Solomon, C. W. – Co. E 151 OVI
Shock, Jacob – Co. D 46 OVI
Sullivan, Jas. W. – Co. D 151 OVI
Sparling, Jno. S. – Co. I 20 OVI
Siglin, Jesse – Co. D 67 OVI
Souders, J. T. – Co. K 197 OVI
Speer, Jas. W. – Co. K 180 OVI
Shrider, Thomas – Co. E 194 OVI
Smith, J. L. – Co. D 151 OVI
Sherman, Rufus – Co. I 27 OVI
Sawmiller, G. W. – Co. G 12 OVI
Shafer, Jas. H. – Co. A 12 OVI
Spahr, Preston – Co. F 6 W.V. Inf.
Shaw, Henry A. – Co. I 34 OVI
Snyder, Abdallah ā€“ Co. E 99 OVI
Steagell, John W. – Co. K 91 OVI
Stout, J. O. – Co. B Indpt. O. V. Cav.
Swift, Henry H. – Co. F 36 Iowa Inf.
Trevor, Baxter – Co. D 55 OVI
Truesdale, Urial – Co. A 118 OVI
Thomas, Morgan – Co. C 71 N.Y.V. I.

1908 GAR Roster Mart Armstrong Post No. 202

1908 GAR Roster Mart Armstrong Post No. 202

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