There’s Lots of Genealogy Information in Obscure Places. We just need to search for it!

Woodlawn Cemetery, Lima OH, Graves Union Civil War SoldiersIf you’ve been following along you know I’m transcribing a local GAR Roster from 1908. Let me tell you I’ve found this to be more of a learning experience for me – than me trying to help others research their Civil War ancestor. First off I have a renewed appreciation for the service of these veterans. Second – There’s lots of genealogy information in obscure places. We just need to search for it! Finally there’s a story, a life story behind every name.

Here are some more men from the Mart Armstrong GAR Post No. 202.

Roster - 1908 GAR Roster Mart Armstrong Post No. 202

Roster – 1908 GAR Roster Mart Armstrong Post No. 202

Roster – Continued

Ream, Daniel A. – Co. I 34 OVI
Roberts, Wm. W. – Co. F 151 OVI
Ross, J. C. – Co. A 102 Pa. V. I.
Reeves, Henry S. – Co. D O. V. Cav.
Roush, Theodore – Co. F 1st O. H. Art.
Riggles, F. A. – Co. D 118 OVI
Randall, Ed. D. – Co. G 81 OVI
Rork, F. J. – Co. B 138 OVI
Reitnour, H. M. – Co. E 168 Pa. V. I.
Roberts, Wm. G. – Co. F 102 U.S. Col. Troops
Reynolds, David R. – Co. B 99 OVI
Russell, W. H. – Co. H 81 OVI
Rayhouser, N. C. A. – Co. H 42 Ind. Inf.
Ream, John A. – Co. I 34 OVI
Roush, Philip – Co. A 20 OVI
Roush, Cornelius – Co. F O.H.A.
Rathburn, William – Co. B 192 OVI
Robinson, Wm. H. – Co. F 5 U.S. Cav.
Shaw, N.E. – Co. E 26 OVI
Sherman, Aaron – Co. I 46 OVI
Solomon, C. W. – Co. E 151 OVI
Shock, Jacob – Co. D 46 OVI
Sullivan, Jas. W. – Co. D 151 OVI
Sparling, Jno. S. – Co. I 20 OVI
Siglin, Jesse – Co. D 67 OVI
Souders, J. T. – Co. K 197 OVI
Speer, Jas. W. – Co. K 180 OVI
Shrider, Thomas – Co. E 194 OVI
Smith, J. L. – Co. D 151 OVI
Sherman, Rufus – Co. I 27 OVI
Sawmiller, G. W. – Co. G 12 OVI
Shafer, Jas. H. – Co. A 12 OVI
Spahr, Preston – Co. F 6 W.V. Inf.
Shaw, Henry A. – Co. I 34 OVI
Snyder, Abdallah – Co. E 99 OVI
Steagell, John W. – Co. K 91 OVI
Stout, J. O. – Co. B Indpt. O. V. Cav.
Swift, Henry H. – Co. F 36 Iowa Inf.
Trevor, Baxter – Co. D 55 OVI
Truesdale, Urial – Co. A 118 OVI
Thomas, Morgan – Co. C 71 N.Y.V. I.

1908 GAR Roster Mart Armstrong Post No. 202

1908 GAR Roster Mart Armstrong Post No. 202

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