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Roster - 1908 GAR Roster Mart Armstrong Post No. 202, Lima Ohio

Roster – 1908 GAR Roster Mart Armstrong Post No. 202

After a wonderful holiday weekend I’m back to transcribing a local GAR Roster from 1908. I found the Roster in the papers of the Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War 1861-1865, Lizabeth A. Turner, Tent 23. I’m a member and have access to this fabulous genealogical info! The GAR held their encampment in Lima, Ohio in 1908. So that’s probably the reason for printing this roster.


Mart Armstrong is the name of the GAR Post and it was No. 202.


So today we’re getting the veteran’s names and regiments as listed on page 2 of the roster:


Conner, George – Co. D 54 OVI

Custar, Jacob – Co. A 151 OVI

Carr, Solomon – Co. E 180 OVI

Clausing, Theodore – Co. K 56 OVI

Clutter, D. W. – Co. G 71 OVI

Clark, Alva – Co. A 49 OVI

Carter, Wm – Co. K 99 OVI

Crum, Henry G. – Co. G 87 OVI

Copeland, George H. – Co. I 34 OVI

Charters, John – Co. F 43 OVI

Conrath, Israel – Co. F 206 Pa Inf

Craig, Jordan S. – Co. E 81 OVI

Dobbins, T. W. – Co. E 180 OVI

Davis, E. F. – Co. F 118 OVI

Davis, J. G. – Co. B 99 OVI

Dilley, Henry – Co. D 52 OVI

Donze, C. F. – Co. A 38 OVI

Davis, Samuel – Co. E 13 OVI

Dunifon, Peter – Co. K 46 OVI

Decker, Francis M. – Co. C 17 OVI

Dickason, John – Co. F 9 O V Cav

Downing, S. D. – Co. L 50 N.Y.V.I.

Dukeman, A – Co. F 125 OVI

Daniels, R. F. – Co. M 10 OVI

Drew, Solomon – Co B 118 OVI

Douglas, Wm – Co. D 180 OVI

Evans, S. D. – Co. F 20 OVI

Edman, Elijah – Co. B 151 OVI

Elliott, Wm. V – Co. K 15 OVI

Francis, Owen – Co. H 57 OVI

Flath, Philip – Co. F 37 OVI

Frushey, Calvin – Co. K 66 ILL.V.I.

Foster, T. E. – Co. C 151 OVI

Fletcher, Samuel M – Co. D 136 Pa. V. I.

Fisher, A. Lewis – Co. E 101 OVI

Furguson, Samuel – Co. F 4 O. V. Cal

Fisher, Chas – Co. I 46 OVI

Faurot, Wm. N. – Co. C 129 OVI

Feeman, Robert – Co. C 102 OVI

Goldsmith, Joseph – Co. A 15 OVI

Garner, Wm. V. – Co. E 81 OVI

Now something cool for me in doing the transcribing is the side notes I scribble down to eventually follow up on. Faurot is a well-known surname of one of this city’s prominent citizens of the late 19th century. So, was William Faurot a brother to Benjamin Faurot? I’ll have to check it out!

I recognize the name John Charter from my work with the 4th OVC. but this John Charters  was a veteran of the 43 OVI. I want to do some research and see if he reenlisted with another regiment.

Finally one of my Van Meter’s, George S. was killed during the war serving with the 9th OVC. Could John Dickason, Co. F 9th OVC help me out with my research on George S. Van Meter?

It’s pretty neat how I’m benefiting with new research ideas from doing some transcribing that I hoped would eventually help someone else in their family history research!

1908 GAR Roster Mart Armstrong Post No. 202

1908 GAR Roster Mart Armstrong Post No. 202

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