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Welcome Spring!

Hi genealogy friends! This post – Thursday’s Thoughts is an assortment of ideas that have crossed my mind this week! Nothing profound, just observations and who knows, maybe you’re thinking the same thing!

I read where the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City currently has a display – Photography and the American Civil War. The exhibit runs from April 2 to September 2, 2013.

There are more than 200 photographs and a couple side exhibits as well. It looks so interesting, informative and any other adjective I can come up with. Now to figure out how to get to NYC in the next few months!

I belong to the Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War. As you can tell by the name the members all have ancestors that were Union Civil War veterans. Our local group, called a “tent” is trying to make their way in social media to hopefully attract younger members. Would you mind following us on Facebook and Twitter? Most of the posts and tweets are from me so they’re not a scam or anything.

On Twitter we’re DauOfUnionVeterans, on Facebook our page is here and we even have a website, here! If you’d like us or follow us I’d really appreciate it! Thanks!

Have you heard about a new Civil War documentary now in production? It’s called Civil War: The Untold Story. This is from their Facebook page:


A thought-provoking documentary series that examines the war through the lens of the bloody Western Campaign, where many believe the war was won – and lost. To premiere in early 2014.

I’m very interested in watching this! So much about the Civil War whether written or video comes from the eastern theater, a look at what happened in the west is exciting. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for a date.

If you’ve never read Derek Davey’s blog Genealogy – Northwest Ohio you should hop on over there and take a look. Derek is currently running several posts with really valuable genealogy tips but I’ll let you go on over and take a peek.

Lastly from Michael John Neill over at Genealogy Tip of the Day. His tip on March 16th really struck a cord with me so I thought I’d share it here.

Do You Have Goals?
Have you listed your specific research goals? “Searching for Grandma” might be a little too broad. “Finding Grandma’s date of birth” might be better as it is more specific. Then, think of all the records that might provide some evidence of Grandma’s date of birth. Overly broad goals, or no goals at all, may cause you to feel overwhelmed.

Yes, that’s me. Either I don’t have any goals or they are too broad. I can see where changing this approach to my research will help! Helpful tip!

That’s all for this time! Thanks for stopping by!

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