Although not Civil War related I have a hard hitting genealogy question for you!

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Have you ever been reading a fellow genealogist’s blog or maybe while surfing through Facebook or Twitter when you read where the author has either in their possession or recently received a “to-die-for” family heirloom? Like a Bible or photographs?

I’ll bet you have, haven’t you? It’s happened to me! As I read their account of this wonderful genealogical treasure arriving out of the blue there’s this tiny little voice at the back of my mind that whispers, “Oh man! How come I don’t get my great grandmother’s diary or a family photo album filled with ten generations of photos all identified!”

Now I know we all cheer when a genealogist is contacted by a previously unknown cousin through their blog. Especially when that distant cousin has info about the blogger’s direct ancestors. Lucky dogs! We smile and give them a Hooray! when they receive a package in the mail. One that contains oodles of handwritten family letters loaded with valuable family information or the afore mentioned Bible. We marvel at their luck! We thank the genealogy gods on their behalf and quickly check our inbox for a similar message. I also turn a couple shades of green. I know, I know. Not cool but I wonder, “When is it going to be me?”

Then another small voice (who seems to show up at these times of envy!) reminds me of all the valuable family heirlooms I already have. Like the crazy quilt sewn by my great great grandmother! Because of the initials so carefully stitched on it I know the quilt was completed before 1871!

Or my little voice reminds me of my grandmother’s autograph album. Although very worn it has a delightful verse written in it by my own mother at eight years old.

I love you little
I love you big
I love you like a pig!

I believe that’s my mother’s only attempt at poetry! Maybe with good reason, I’ll let you decide!

Family history, genealogy, family research

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There’s also the two handwritten letters by one of my collateral ancestors in his Civil War pension file. In both letters he refers to my 3x g grandfather! I can surmise form these mentions that my 3x g grandfather was a pretty good guy!

Also I have a copy of an essay written by my great grandmother during her school days. It’s beautifully written, a delightful look into life in the 1880s and helps me form a clearer picture of her beyond vital statistics.

Okay. Okay. I get it now. I may not have the genealogical treasures other genealogists have but I certainly have my own! In fact when I think about it they’re pretty darn special and I wouldn’t give them up for the world.

You know what? With a happy heart I can give my fellow genealogists a Hooray when they receive a package from a distant cousin! I’ve been fortunate to receive many family heirlooms and I hope that luck extends to all genealogists. My fingers are crossed for you and me too! (and just in case the genealogy gods are reading this I’d love, really love the Van Meter, Nantz or Lowery family Bibles, photo albums or bundle of handwritten letters. Just sayin’!

Good luck in your research!

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