Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Nancy Estice Nance

Genealogy Circle LogoIt’s a quiet Sunday afternoon here and I decided to catch up on some of the genealogy blogs I follow. After reading only three I found two had participated in Randy Seaver’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun on his blog Genea-Musings. It sounded pretty good so I decided to jump in. This week’s challenge was Ancestor Roulette.

These were Randy’s instructions:

1) What year was one of your great-grandfathers born? Divide this number by 100 and round the number off to a whole number. This is your “roulette number.”

2) Use your pedigree charts or your family tree genealogy software program to find the person with that number in your ancestral name list (some people call it an “ahnentafel”). Who is that person, and what are his/her vital information?

3) Tell us three facts about that person in your ancestral name list with the “roulette number.”

4) Write about it in a blog post on your own blog, in a Facebook status or a Google Stream post, or as a comment on this blog post.

5) NOTE: If you do not have a person’s name for your “roulette number” then “spin” the wheel again – pick a great-grandmother, a grandfather, a parent, a favorite aunt or cousin, yourself, or even your children!

So here’s what I came up with:

1) I choose my great-grandfather George S. Marshall who was born in 1868. Dividing 1868 by 100 gives me 18.68 and I rounded that up to 19.

2) Since I have a couple blanks in my pedigree chart my #19 turned out to be my gg grandmother Nancy Estice Nance.
Nancy was born 25 March 1830 in Ohio. She married She married James W. Nance 18 Sept 1859 in Jackson County, Ohio. She died 11 Feb 1890 in Pleasant Twp. Van Wert County, Ohio.

3)  Three facts:

Three Facts!! I can barely come up with one! Nancy had a son William Albert, my great-grandfather on 4 Apr 1868 while living in Jackson County. Sometime in her life they moved to Van Wert County where she died. That’s it! That’s what I know about my gg grandmother Nancy Estice Nance.
Well let me tell you Nancy I am very sorry for not having researched you any better than that! I am shocked that’s all the info I have on you!

Now here’s a dirty little secret on my part. If truth be told I love researching my mother’s side of my family. The Marshalls, Van Meters and Williams’ all lived fairly close to where I live. Their court house documents are handy to research and a slew of them fought in the Civil War which carries a lot of weight with me! :-) I have always gravitated to my maternal side when researching.

Nancy Estice is from my dad’s maternal side of the family. I have to admit that side doesn’t get the love! The Nantz/Nance, Wallers and Henneys get less than minimal research time from me. I realized that today and feel bad about it! Not only am I slighting them but myself too! I’m depriving myself of some important family history!

So thanks to Randy Seaver and his Saturday Night Genealogy Fun. You opened my eyes to big holes in my family research and to my gg grandmother Nancy Estice Nance, I’m hot on your trail!

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