Civil War Saturday, 4th OVC, transcribing a document and me!

Genealogy Circle LogoThis is my first “real” try at transcribing a document. The document came in the pension file of James R. Van Meter who you can read more about here and here.


James was a member of Co. F 4th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry (OVC). He did not make it through the war but did have a pension file. That story is here.


James is my first cousin – four times removed, who died in 1864 never having married and was childless. Since James doesn’t have any direct descendants my goal is to research him, his life and service so he is not forgotten.


That brings me to “officially” transcribing my first document. You can view the original here. There is an outside cover showing this is a Document File from The Adjutant General’s Office, War Department. Then there are a couple papers and letter inside.


So if you would, read this over and leave me any suggestions in the comments. I do want to get better at transcribing documents. Thanks!!

Below on outside cover:

Ne – 1079 = 1865
Relative to the Muster out of service of the 4th OVC

First paper inside. It was stapled to fourth paper:

File this with ppers
Ne – 1079 – 1865
The general bookmark Ne – 1079 – 65 which appears on M. out rolls of F – L Co’s A. B and Co’s E to K of the 4″ Ohio Cav’y with an A. G. note has been provided for by a foot-note to be printed on cards from M. out rolls of F and L and the above Co’s.
G.W. Pratt
pr W.
Sept 13/92

Third paper:

Ne = 1079 = 1865
Hd Qs Mil Dist Tenn
James F W Neill
Capt 18th Inf USA
A.C.M. Cav Corp M D M

Furnishes copy G O no 12 ?ow 12 from HD qrs Mil Dist of Tenn dated June 5/65 relative to the muster out of service of the 4th OVC

Noted Aug. 15, 1865
(Initials) MMA

Rev (???) Aug 14 /65

Fourth Paper:

Letter with “copy” written in head space

Head Qrs Mil Dis Tenn
Nashville Tenn July 5th 1865
Special Orders
No 12} Extract

12 – The men belonging to the 4th OVC now at Edgefield Tennessee will be mustered out of the service at once. The entire command including recruits and men held to service will be mustered out as a Regimental Organization in the field – under the provisions of General Orders No 94 C.S. War Dept – Capt LM Hosea- Cones-
Musters is hereby charged with the execution of this order.

By command of Maj. Genl Thomas
1sgt, Henry W Cist
Asst Adjt Geral

A true copy
James F W Neill
Capt 18th Inf USA
acm Cavy Corp M D ?

If you’ve lasted this long into this post – Thank you!! I appreciate it! Let me know what you think!
As always Good Luck in your research!

My thanks to Bill Krebs and Bob Venable from the 4th OVC  Descendants Association who reviewed my transcription and helped fill in some of the missing pieces!

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