I’ve had a couple misses but this past week it happened!

Pvt G W Lowery Co. A 81st Penn Inf

Pvt G W Lowery Co. A 81st Penn Inf

We research our family history. We blog about it. We continue to research. We keep blogging. Weeks go by then months.

I’ve had a couple misses but this past week it happened! It was a bulls eye! It was right on the mark! I checked my email Wednesday morning and this is what I found:

Guess what…George Washington Lowery was also my Great Great Grandfather…. born in Franklin County PA. Moving to Ohio after the Civil War to the outskirts of Sandusky….
He is the father of my grandfather Calvin Tyler…
I have found records back to his parents in Virginia around 1803 as Susan was the mother of George. George’s wife was named Barbara I do believe.
I would love to discuss and share any information that you have as I am only an hour away from the Adams County Courthouse, loaded with records, located in Franklin County here in PA. Please reply and thanks in advance!

Eureka!! Pay dirt!! A distant cousin who stumbled on my blog! I can’t reply fast enough to this email. After several email conversations back and forth which compare names and descendants I am positive we are distant cousins! We agree to share information. We trade addresses.

Then another email comes:

Cindy,  I am yet another great-grandchild of Calvin Tyler. . .  Roma Franklin was my grandfather.  I am a cousin of Don and we have been in touch every time I have some new piece of information about our family background.  I have the basics of the family, but I would really like to share and exchange information with you to extend what I have.  If you are interested, contact me and maybe we can pool what we have.  Thanks for your consideration, Joyce

Oh yes! Joyce is a cousin to my first email author! We are busy gathering our information to share with each other. Since our great grandparents were siblings there are many “holes” in family group sheets we can help each other fill. I am beyond excited! I can’t wait to review this newly acquired information!

It has taken 17 months of blogging but I’ve finally found not one but two distant cousins! What a fabulous genealogy Christmas gift!

So don’t be discouraged! If you keep blogging they will come (eventually)!

And if you’re reading this and think George Washington Lowery was your ancestor shoot me an email or a comment below! Your cousins are anxious to meet you!

Oh and how does this fit into Civil War Saturday? George Washington Lowery fought with Co. A 81st Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. If your ancestor was with the 81st please contact me. I’m finding the 81st is one of the very few regiments that doesn’t have a published regimental history. If I’m wrong I’d love to get my hands on one. Please point me in the right direction! Thanks!

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