Blog posts: When is enough – enough?

Blog – Photo courtesy of stock.xchng

Blog – Photo courtesy of stock.xchng

I help out with The In-Depth Genealogist facebook page. Yes, some of those quirky questions come from me! Many questions are fun and some are thought-provoking regarding our genealogy research. My hope is to get us thinking. Who knows what new ideas we may come up with and what problems we may solve when we delve a little deeper?

A couple of months ago I asked the question: “How often would you like to see the blogs you read updated? Are you disappointed when it’s only once or twice a week?”

The topic generated several answers, some offline discussion and although not scientific, I thought the outcome interesting enough to share it with you.

Everyone that commented said they check several blogs a day and many more over a week’s time. This speaks to the quality of genealogy blogs on the web! There is a lot of educational and insightful writing being posted in the genealogy cyberworld. Readers are anxious to get it. The respondents generally agreed they found most blog posts come on Mondays and Wednesdays. A couple of replies suggested posting on other days of the week. By publishing new blog posts on days other than Monday and Wednesday the genealogy reading public would be able to enjoy fresh reading material throughout the week. Perhaps a good thought to keep in mind.

Yet the single most important idea I came away with from this impromptu survey was that all responders stated they thought a new blog post once a week was enough! “Once a week is plenty for those of us who follow so many blogs”, “I think once a week is just fine. Unless, you have some major news to share”, “ONCE a WEEK! Quality…NOT Quantity…” was the resounding answer.
I was surprised. I never dreamed once a week would be the overwhelming answer to my question.

So this is a little food for thought to all who maintain a genealogy blog. Ultimately blog writers will choose a publishing schedule that works best for them, yet it is nice to know readers don’t mind waiting for our best work. Maybe, just maybe this helps take a little pressure off our writing schedule.

If you haven’t already, please join us on the The In-Depth Genealogist facebook page. It’s fun, lighthearted and an informal place to contribute your knowledge. See you over there too!

**Previously published on the IDG blog but I thought you’d like to read it here too!**
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  3. Yes, one, no more than 2 per week. If I get into the zone updating profiles on wikitree it ciuld be 2 days of no blog reading. Then there’s a day I update my blog. Somewhere I need to fit my real life job and chores into the week.

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