A little cemetery work . . . .

Maguire Family Headstone

Maguire Family Headstone

I was doing a little cemetery work yesterday for the 4th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry Descendants Association. One of the goals of the group is to document the final resting place of all the men in the regiment. I volunteered to photograph any grave sites in Northwest Ohio the group didn’t have.

My first assignment was to look for Elisha/Elijah Maguire‘s grave site. He was buried at a cemetery just a few minutes from my home. This might be a futile search. It was thought he didn’t have a headstone.

I stopped at the cemetery office to check on “E” and found his name was Elisha J and that indeed –  he didn’t have a headstone. So I got the directions to his burial place fully intending to take a photo of a plot of grass.

E J Maguire

E J Maguire

What I found, after a short search, was a plot of grass. I hated that my first volunteer pics were grass but there wasn’t anything to do to change that. So I took the photos I needed and wandered around a bit. To my complete surprise there was a weathered family headstone just steps away. On further inspection names were engraved on three of the four sides. Ever so faintly below his wife Jennie were the words:

E J Maguire
Sept 23, 1842
June 23, 1902

Oh my goodness! I couldn’t believe it! I was so happy “E’s” final resting place was marked and he wasn’t buried without recognition.

Now, who was this soldier I’d spent the afternoon with?

I did a little research, so come back tomorrow and I’ll fill in a couple of the blanks in “E’s”, I mean Elisha’s life. See you then!

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