It’s a first!

William and Margaret Junkins Holmes

William and Margaret Junkins Holmes

Hey! How’s your Saturday? After going to two sixth grade volleyball matches (we won both . . . Yay!!) I’m watching college football and surfing genealogy blogs.
I landed on a mention of the 99 Genealogy Things meme. I did my own and posted it a couple of days ago. It’s here if you’re interested.
Anyway one of the questions was (Have you) Uploaded headstone pictures to Find-A-Grave or a similar site?

I hadn’t but guess what? I just uploaded three photos to the Ohio website.

Yay! It was painless!! and easy as pie!! :-)
So you know what that means. Everyone of my cemetery pics will be going on the site in the next couple days.  So cool.
I just may end up a GraveYard Rabbit yet!!

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