Alert . . . Alert . . . Genealogy Alert!

Genealogy Circle LogoI’m having another go at 31 Weeks to a Better Genealogy Blog. I’m jumping around a bit, not following in exact order and landed on this week’s topic.
It’s week 10 and our mission if we choose to accept it is “ . . . setting up alerts to monitor what is happening in genealogy. Alerts are useful for both blogging and for genealogy research, so they are a great addition to any geneablogger’s toolbox.”

Oops! I forgot to mention all this great info comes via – Tonia’s Roots. A fabulous blog with oodles of tips and ideas to improve our blogs! She has an ongoing weekly exercise – 31 Weeks to a Better Genealogy Blog that I am loving. I have learned so many new things to improve my blog! It’s/she’s amazing!

Okay back to Alerts. Tonia explains that Alerts allow you to know what’s being said in blogs and in the news about certain topics. There are quite a few reasons that geneabloggers would want to do this:

1. Ideas for postsI’m all for this. I need all the help I can get!
2. Alerts will scour the internet for mentions of your keyword and deliver the results to you.Yay for this too!
Even though I try to read blogs daily there’s never a chance to keep up on all my favs consistently.

3. Managing your reputation and connecting with othersManaging my rep is sort of a future issue. I’m still a newbie but connecting with others is valuable!

So I chose to use Google Alerts and have been using Twitter hashtags here and there.

I’ve set up several Google Alerts. One is a broad general subject – Genealogy. The others are very narrow, like my blog name and a couple surnames I’m having difficulty with. If I would ever get an Alert on the surnames I’ll faint!!
But I do receive my daily Alert on Genealogy. In fact I received info on a genealogy class at the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center. I was really interested. It’s within driving distance and was something I wasn’t aware of, even though I can’t make this one I’ll investigate future classes. So Alerts have already proved their value to me!
As for the Twitter Hashtags, I have checked on those sporadically. I’ll try to do it more often. Especially with a trending subject like #fgs2011. I’m sure there’s quality info I can get there!

Tonia also mentioned and which are services that let you put together blog posts, tweets, etc. and compile them into a newspaper format. You can tweet and/or facebook out the links when the paper is updated. She graciously included me in her current – I think I’ll leave that option for the future too. I’m still a little green for something like this!

So more good tips! I really do feel I’m on my way to a Better Genealogy Blog! Thanks Tonia!

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2 thoughts on “Alert . . . Alert . . . Genealogy Alert!

  1. Yes! I’m loving her series, but like you, have been back and forth randomly. I do though LOVE my google alerts! That’s how I learn of events/conferences (especially the small one’s) for Conference Keeper ( and regional projects I’ve been working on. As for surnames…. well, Brown is my maiden name. The town I’m mostly interested in on that line has a high school athlete with same name, so I get a lot of football updates. :-) Best of luck!
    ~ Jen

  2. Tonia is awesome and she’s my neighbor here in Georgia. Though, somehow, I haven’t seen her series yet. (I’m WAY behind in my feed reader.) Thanks for bringing this up. I’m off to create some alerts now!

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