Genealogy – more than names and dates

MonroeTwp, Allen County OH 1880 map

MonroeTwp, Allen County OH 1880 map

Putting Flesh on the Bones, a blog post by David Vance over at The ProGenealogist is a must read!
He gives some great ideas on ways to make our ancestors “real people” and I couldn’t agree with him more.

Betsy and I have used some these suggestions in the past. We found an 1880 map of Monroe Twp, Allen County, where most of our mother’s family lived. It turned out to be a treasure map for us. We were amazed how close several of the individual family farms were situated. They no doubt married the guy or girl down the road. Better yet we were able to drive to these places and see the land our g-g grandparents farmed. We have walked the same paths they walked. We believe one of their homes still stand today. I’m sure the Williams’ and Marshalls would be pleased their g-g granddaughters have been searching for them and their lives.
What a great way to put down your research, get out from in front of the computer and if the location is close enough, take a road trip!

I added this photo as an after thought. This is the home I was referring to. A notation in the photo album said the house was located 1-1/2 miles west of town. There is a house standing in that spot today. Of course it doesn’t look like this now, but it is an old house, and our generous thinking have them as one and the same.

Williams Place

Williams Place

Whether it is the same house or not, my g-g grandfather Isaac Williams, sitting on the front porch, farmed the area, walked that 1-1/2 miles into town and as I look around I think, “How cool is that!”

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