Genealogy research . . . . here I come!

LaptopI’ve been off the grid for awhile and guess what? I have missed it!
I can’t wait to get back into my genealogy research and blogging! Yeah boy! I’ve got several ideas brewing. Blog posts and other new brainstorms.

In fact I’ve spent the last two days catching up on everyone’s blog posts to see what I’ve been missing and I’ve missed a lot!! Inspiring more blog posts and some important topics to mull over.

I’m excited to research a lot, learn a lot from you, and hopefully contribute too! See you in the new year!

Genealogy in my basement

Frueh Family

Frueh Family

Frueh Family Id'd

Frueh Family Id’d

I’ve been trying to clean out our basement. What a mess! We’ve lived here five years and have accumulated sooo much! It’s crazy but I’m trying to whittle our possessions down. Less stacked in the basement means less to manage.

So in the course of this adventure I find some genealogy papers tucked away in a bottom drawer, not seen by the human eye in several years. Why would I have some Frueh family papers in the basement and not in their binder? Good question, of which I haven’t a clue. But I enjoyed looking through everything again, especially this photo. As you can see if you squint, my grandfather is in it, some of his siblings, as well as my dad and a couple of his brothers. Lots of extended family. My guess is that this photo was taken in 1937 just before my dad married my mom.

The reason I’m showing this to you is because some clever person identified the people in this photo. See the other paper with names and arrows? Thank you very clever person! I would never, ever have known who some of these folks were, but since you put a name to each face I could look them up on my pedigree charts. Yay for you clever person!

So I have now added another thing to my to-do list. I NEED to make sure All my pictures are labeled. All of them! Which means if I start now I’ll be done by my 112th birthday. How about you?

Tombstone Tuesday – Have you ever taken a memento from an ancestor’s grave?

Barbara Lowe Lowery

Barbara Lowe Lowery

Yes, I ask this in a somewhat hushed tone. Before you identify me as a grave robber, let me explain.

This all goes back to my g-g-grandfather George W. Lowery. You know, the Civil War veteran, and subject of every other post on this blog? Well his wife, my g-g-grandmother was Barbara Lowe Lowery. (I always thought it was pretty cool she only added two letters to her maiden name when she got married! Saved on learning to write a whole new last name!)

Anyway when I started researching this branch of the family and ventured to the cemetery to see their headstone, there was only one name on it. Barbara’s. She died first, 15 months before her husband and apparently the kids never bothered to add their dad’s name to the headstone. George was buried next to her, we knew that for sure from the cemetery and other records.

So my genealogy sister/buddy and I launched on a mission to get a headstone for our Civil War veteran ancestor. (You can get a free headstone from the government if your veteran doesn’t have one. More on that in another post.) We succeeded in getting the headstone and we had it placed next to Barbara’s.

Now when they dug the footer we were there. Why wouldn’t you go when they’re digging a footer at cemetery? As the backhoe dug right next to Barbara’s headstone we were surprised to see there were bricks under it. We never thought about how a headstone was set over 109 years ago. The few bricks that were taken out to pour George’s footer were tossed aside in a garbage pile.

Let me tell you, it only took a minute for my sister/genealogy buddy and myself to grab a brick. Not exactly the best family heirloom but it’s all we have physically to connect to our g-g-grandmother. A brick from under her headstone!

Are you a grave robber too? Or do you have a wild ancestor memento? Let me know!

The worst has happened, now what!!!

Genealogy Circle LogoSo I start this genealogy blog. I’m excited! So many things to write about. I can’t wait to meet a distant cousin, add to my family history and make new friends along the way. I’m humming. Things are going great. I’m rolling along like gang busters. Then it happens. Just like that (imagine me snapping my fingers here), one morning I get up and I have nothing to say. Nothing to blog about. I got nothin’.

Okay. Not to worry, just give it a couple days and something will come to mind. Hmm . . . the couple days are now a week. I still don’t know what to blog about. It doesn’t help either that life has interjected itself in my genealogy world. Volleyball, sixth grade homework, family events are all vying for my research/blog reading/twitter time. So no sign of sudden inspiration.

Wow I wish I were like the cool bloggers. They’re informative, educational and cool! I learn from them on each and every post. Me? I still got nothin’!!

Oh man, one week is creeping into two and not only am I not inspired to blog I avoid my laptop. It’s a reminder of my failure, my inability to create a blog post. Agghhh!!! Maybe I should just delete my blog. If after three months I’m stumped, maybe it’s time to quit.

Then along comes Veteran’s day. I start reading other’s blog posts honoring their family’s heroes. Hmmm . . . . I can write about that. I have no shortage of veterans, past and present in my own family.

Viola! I finish my post remembering all those brave men and women in my family, who for awhile, put their own lives on hold to serve our country. I have tears in my eyes, but I am energized! I love this! I love writing/blogging and telling my family’s stories! Ideas for three or four blog posts come to mind. I dash for a paper and pen. I gotta get these ideas down.

You’re reading one of those sudden bits of inspiration now. I’m grinning and nodding like a bobble-head doll. Today, I got somethin’ . . . and maybe I learned another little something along the way too. Just do it! Whatever I’m afraid of, whatever brick wall stands in my path, to heck with it, just do it! When I started my blog post it was a little awkward but soon I was typing right along. No thoughts that it had been 2-1/2 weeks since my last post. No worries that this wasn’t Pulitzer prize winning material. I had broken through the wall. I was humming! Yep, I got somethin’ today and next time I’ll know to DO instead of slowly backing away.

How about you? What do you do when you got nothin’?